Tips for Total Success with Your Hair Extensions

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you use hair extensions. Follow these tips and you will get total success with your hair extensions.

Any extension system should be set with clean and dry hair, ensure that it does not contain any additives, such as creams, masks or serum, as these could slide the point of attachment and prevent your Miami hair extensions from staying in. Whichever technique is chosen, follow the application advice given by the manufacturer for its proper fastening.

Natural hair extensions should be brushed daily with a soft bristle brush to prevent hair from breaking. The brushing should be done beginning with the tips, then ascend to the middle or long area of the hair, to finish in the roots.

Before going to bed, it is advisable to make a braid, thus preventing hair from becoming tangled and forming knots. It is not recommended to lie down with wet hair, moisture can damage the fastenings. 100% natural human hair of optimum quality can be treated with utensils with heat, such as dryers, irons, etc. They should be treated as if they were the hair itself, but you must take into account that excess heat sources such as the dryer or irons can deteriorate the point of attachment such as keratin or adhesive. Therefore avoid direct heat at the point of attachment.

If swimming is practiced regularly, or in the summer season, it is recommended to put on a cap or putting on a serum or mask before the aquatic activity and braiding the hair, this will protect your extensions, since the chemical products of swimming pools and salts from the sea could spoil and dry out the extensions.

Do not unnecessarily touch the attachment points, touching them often causes them to loosen and the extensions fall out prematurely.