Drink the health tea that the Pharaohs once drank

Have you ever wondered why the ancient Pharaohs looked so splendid?

Most of the time, you have only really seen them on the walls of their ancient tombs if you have been fortunate enough to take a tour of Egypt, exploring all the other magnificent landmarks, and especially the pyramids and those sphinxes. But if not, you have seen what they looked like in coffee table books and in documentaries, even the famous Cleopatra classic starring Elizabeth Taylor and her on again, off again husband (or ex husband), the late Richard Burton.

This is coincidental, because there was also, once upon a time, a famous explorer of the same name. Perhaps when he explored Egypt and the Pharaohs’ great tombs, he also had a taste of Karkade tea. This is the tea that the Pharaohs once drank, and this is what it is called nowadays. Today it remains essentially a health tea that is developed, manufactured and distributed across the United States of America.

And because you have global internet shopping along with superfast shipping these days, it’s available in your country too. So, having tried green teas and the other famous Red Bush tea unique to another part of the world, why not try Karkade as well. It will, of course, be rich in antioxidants and is derived from the flowers of the famous hibiscus plant. You can drink your tea piping hot, as always, black or with a dash of almond or soy milk, not forgetting the organic or raw honey. And you can also drink it as a refreshing ice tea drink.

In case you are curious, this tea has a distinctive red color. And it is all natural without any preservatives ever.